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Posted by danidre14 - September 29th, 2019

It's been 4 years since my broken streak of 6 game jams after another. Here's a blog post on my further preparations as I start over again:




Posted by danidre14 - April 5th, 2015

I've made a new avatar picture to celebrate a milestone of 100 Twitter followers. XD

You may not see it now, but I will update in a few hours, or minutes.

Posted by danidre14 - January 5th, 2015

Finally got my game authorized in IndieDB, so it is now officially, official! :D

Posted by danidre14 - January 4th, 2015

So this is the progress on the characters for the game:

Picture 1 shows a random character. That is what the artist drew to show me his view of the player, and some of his work. I explained a little 14-17 year old dude and a bit more cartoon-ey.


Picture 2 shows the boy. He drew that after in about 3 minutes on the track-pad of his laptop. I then explained how the characters should be bald and in their under-wears, since the player choose their hairstyle at the start and find clothes in the game.


Picture 3 shows the boy, with less sturdy shoulders, bald and bear back, with a shorts. We began discussing the female; curvy waist, smooth face, small nose, smooth legs, feeble feet (cat) less broad shoulders, and small brain ?  JK you guys are really intelligent!


Picture 4 shows the first transition of the girl. The artist came to me for help on the fac, since he was stuck. I told him it should be kinda cone-looking to the chin, or pointy.


Picture 5 shows the girl finally the way we agreed, since he wanted to do it rough since it'd be unique to that of other games. I warned him not to miss out any space, since we'd need to colour them.


Picture 6 shows the 2 characters coloured. We stopped sharing photos then, and he'll start doing the art of the different directions. Sometime when offline.


Do not worry about the head. Like I said, you can choose your own hair styles.

Also, there are of course clothes for males, and females. But we decided to make the males with animations with the female clothes (skirts) and females with male clothes (3/4 jeans) just in case. Since you know people, they'd wear anything, although it's stupid, but we're trying to stick to realism as much as we could. Does that idea sound good anyway?

Posted by danidre14 - January 1st, 2015

How many selfies I took last year? NONE! How many I hope to take this year? 365! Imma start recording my life everyday, so by the end of the year, expect a 365 novel of the book called 2015! :P

Well guys, inbox me anything you've ever wanted to tell me, but remember, that's between us. I'll also inbox all that likes this status with something I've always wanted to tell them! Don't be embarrassed guys, that was last year pshhh!

BUT GUESS WHAT! IT'S NOT NEW YEARS YET! Well for those that don't believe in leap years! Remember, the Earth takes 365 days and 6 hours to rotate around the sun, so that is the real year, and they leave out the six hours each year until it build up into a day and add it to a year called leap year blah BLAH BLEH!

Well, outta my way leap year, cause the Earths not gonna complete it's orbit until 12PM this afternoon! So, expect me to make another New Years Post then again! :3

My new year resolutions:
-Stop eating chocolate.
-Rise early every day (after today)
-Begin and end a day with training
-Begin and end a day with exercising
-Sleep early every night
-Learn how to make 3D games without watching tutorials
-Learn how to make touch screen games
-Learn how to program like a pro in HTML, or some good language to make my own awesome website, instead of depending on another website to show mine.
-Learn how to make flying lanterns like in Tangled (I saw lots of them and almost thought aliens decided to take over the world for new years >:O JK I though they were UFOs!
-No more obsceneties, either actions words, or thoughts.
-Be an innocent stud this year
-Meh I'm making up some of these things on spot
-Make money off of my games
-And much moar!

But for now, laterz!

Posted by danidre14 - August 30th, 2014

I spoke to Wade Fulp, and he told me how to actually vote! Now it's better, and I'm on level 2!

Posted by danidre14 - August 30th, 2014

Somehow I can't seem to get any experience points, no matter how much times I rate over 5 entries per day. :\ Dunno waht else to do yes...